Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Those who wants to use loose girls use them or else you are rejecting girls who are coming to get groped expecting from us

I have been asked a million times if girls like groping by old men or not.I keep on repeating them that they indeed like that more than they need to do sex.Especially our girls.If you ask them,say our girl friends can you provide me with a date or two or can we do sex most of them will not agree to do sex with us.
But here is the interesting part starting,if given a chance to be groped by other men,especially older men most of them just cherish it.What I seen from them is inspite of the looks of the men groping them or the number groping them,it simply doesnt seem to bother women.I have been seeing many girls and married women agreeing to be groped by other men or purposefully standing in the way of men in order to get groped.Most of the incidents I saw that men were not thinking about it but girls or women who wanted to get groped simply wants it badly from men.From what I seen frommy experience most of the men for fear or for some obvious reasons choose to evade the "groping attempt" by the women.
Yes,seems interesting?We have been made fool by our own media and films fooling into thinking that men gropes and rape women and women just wants to leave them alone.Well let me tell you,its the other way around.Ofcourse there are some women who would like us to leave them alone,but they are less in number.Most of the women out in the public just have one thing in their mind.They wants to get groped by other men.This phenomenon seen especially high among young girls and older women but less in 20-30girls whom I believe are to be selected as per your wish.
I will post number of my experiences and the tips and the ways to grope a women which is extremely useful for older men because for their own surprise young girls just lust for old men's touch in their body or you say groping them.
That is why many of them get down the streets and many among you really miss the action just because they dont notice it or that they dont know the trend that its girls/women who stands in our way or blocks the way just to get them groped by older and other men.

Note:One point here to note is that you are allowed to grope them or you can grope them only in day times in public places like streets and markets.During night try to limit your groping only in malls and those shopping areas where they must feel that they are secure.And it is extremely safe to grope any women in malls where they are with their male compatriots.Remember the only thing they dont like is they must feel that they are in a protected atmosphere,like during day time or during nights at malls and other family areas.

WARNING:The views and scenarios mentioned is clearly of womens consent,any attempt made by the users to use this information to use this for illegal purposes like intruding womens privacy and doing it without womens consent we are not responsible and you are liable for any consequences.